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Conventional Loans and Lines of Credit
business loans and lines of credit

Conventional Business Loans & Lines of Credit

Conventional loans are a viable source of capital and are the most common type of lending for small businesses. They can carry floating or fixed interest rates, which are determined upon approval and are typically assessed by the overall risk.

Advantages of Conventional Loans

  • Interest rates are generally lower, based off of several different indexes or internally

  • May be used for investment real estate and other passive investments

  • Does not need to oblige to SBA loan requirements

  • May be easier to negotiate once a relationship with the bank or lender has been established

  • No SBA Guarantee Fee

Advantages of Business Line of Credit

  • Only pay interest on funds that are drawn

  • A wide range of business purposes, such as operating expenses, short-term working capital, managing ARs,

  • Handle seasonal cash flow gaps

  • Address almost any other business emergency or situations

Our unorthodox approach helps our clients gain a competitive edge in getting approved for traditional lending programs. From application to closing, our concierge team is with you every step of the way so you can focus on running your business. See how partnering with Enkempes can help your business grow. 

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