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El Nopal Mexican Grill

About The Project

Opened in 2002 by Jose Morales with longtime girlfriend, El Nopal has 4 locations throughout the Las Vegas valley and delivers the authentic Mexican food with the spice and salsas that transport from Mexico. Its ingredients are selected to get only the best quality to bring the real Mexican flavor and real experience of the way Mexican food is intended to taste.

Project Info


Since the opening of the restaurant, the client has enjoyed continuous success by expanding into multiple locations as well as an extending its business into a new venture- banquet hall.  However, the client has been overwhelmed by the operations of his restaurants and never knew how much he was getting charged for his merchant services processing rate. Moreover, the client has been wanting and trying to apply for a commercial real estate loan to purchase a building for his new banquet hall business. The problem arose when we dived into his business financial statements and personal credit profile. We uncovered the poor accuracy from the financial statements and a good number of blemishes on his credit profile.

Analysis of Alternatives

Initially, we conducted a merchant processing statement analysis to understand the type of rate he is getting as well as the structure of the rate. Next, we conducted a business cash flow analysis to see if the client will be eligible to qualify for a commercial real estate loan without having to amend both his tax returns and financial documents.

Recommended Solutions

We recommended the client to switch his merchant processing for all the location to save money.  Next, we recommended the client to fix his personal credit so we can align him with the lender to apply for a commercial real estate loan.

Implementation and Results

We put together a side-by-side comparison to show how much the client will be able to save on his merchant processing cost. We also involved our exclusive credit repairing agency to remove the blemishes on his credit. We did a bi-weekly check-in with the client to ensure we are progressing at a fast pace. Lastly, we worked with his CPA and Bookkeeper to fix his business financial statements as well as filing an amendment on his personal and business tax returns. Once we were able to put together a financial package for the lender to review and underwrite, we took care of the entire application process from end-to-end. Our client was able to continue to focus on the daily operations at his 4 restaurant locations.

  • By switching over to our platform, the client’s processing rate has been reduced more than half, saving the company $500+ per month.

  • Since becoming our client, we were able to offer clean up his personal credit profile, increasing his score from 550 to 680.

  • With the cleaned-up credit profile and increased credit score, the lender not only approved the commercial real estate loan, they offered a great interest rate for 25 years.

  • The client opened his new banquet hall business after working with us for 6 months. Today both of his restaurants and banquet hall business are very successful.

Enkempes provided me with the most personal care and support that a bank will never provide. Because of them I was able to save money for my merchant services processing and having my own first commercial real estate building. I no longer need to get private loans with crazy high interest rate. I will definitely recommend them to any small business owners!” — Jose Morales, Owner & President of J. Morales Inc.

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