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Our History

Company History

Enkempes was founded in March of 2017 by two commercial bankers, Noel Noriega and Eric Hwang, with one goal in mind: provide an exceptionally high level of service for small business owners and their companies.

Having spent several years in the commercial banking world, the founders noticed a trend; small and medium-sized businesses where being underserved and undervalued by the mega-banks, being left by the wayside by their “Client Managers” for bigger clients who brought more revenue.

Eric and Noel’s thoughts were of the exact opposite paradigm; that the small and medium-sized clients need more attention and better guidance to enable them to reach their maximum potential. And with that, Enkempes was born. By providing concierge level business services with affordable and fair pricing, the duo was quickly able to gain market share in the Las Vegas area and expand to serve the entire west coast.

March 2017Company Established!

Encompass Business Consulting, LLC (dba “ENKEMPES”) was officially formed by Eric Hwang and Noel Noriega.

June 2016First Clients On-boarded

First client’s acquisition and onboarding began

December 2017No Small Achievement

Enkempes closed out it’s first year profitable and with 50 Small and Mid Size Clients

March 2018Growing Pains

Enkempes relocates its office to downtown Las Vegas to meet the demands of the growing team and expands it’s service offerings.

June 2018Merchant Powerhouse!

Enkempes hits $2MM monthly in credit card processing volume

October 2018Payroll Positioning

Enkempes breaks the 1,000 employee mark, processing 1,008 employee payroll checks for clients, monthly.

December 2018Lending Big

Enkempes hits $8.7MM in commercial and small business loans funded

January 2019Looking Forward

Enkempes starts 2019 off with 143 small and mid-sized commercial clients – and looks to double that number in 2019!

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