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A Little About Enkempes

Small Story About Us

Enkempes was founded in March of 2017 by two commercial bankers, Noel Noriega and Eric Hwang, with one goal in mind: provide an exceptionally high level of service for small business owners and their companies. 

Having spent several years in the commercial banking world, the founders noticed a trend; small and medium-sized businesses where being underserved and undervalued by the mega-banks, being left by the wayside by their “Client Managers” for bigger clients who brought more revenue. 

Eric and Noel’s thoughts were of the exact opposite paradigm; that the small and medium-sized clients need more attention and better guidance to enable them to reach their maximum potential. And with that, Enkempes was born. By providing concierge level business services with affordable and fair pricing, the duo was quickly able to gain market share in the Las Vegas area and expand to serve the entire west coast.

“To contribute to our clients’ success through a comprehensive consulting approach with the best financial products and personal concierge service.”
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Why Choose Enkempes?

First Class Financial

Our staff has accumulated over 50+ combined years in serving businesses’ financial needs.

Best Products
Cheapest Rates

All of our products and services are priced fairly and competitively to ensure the highest level of ROI

Concierge Level

Our Service Level Agreement is held to the highest professional standard. Your concierge team is always available to you.

24/7 Professional

All of our services come with dedicated client support. We are there when it matters most.

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